We started the season, after the summer break with two important challenges. The first is a Walker who will be 4000 route a route of inherently demanding and which in this case are added two difficulties: first, going just don't have no companion that lean in hard times and with full honors our second intrepid Mountaineer compress some parts, making crossings which are normally made on day two in one.

Our second challenge is run by one of our Italian friends, our friend will make middle atlas and saghro on his bike just as the former is a double effort...


09 Aug 09 August 2013


We welcome you to this new space we hope you like it, here you will find activities always and any more that we will be adding.
We want to thank all those who you trust us and trust us brindáis.
All this work not have come to light without the hard work, beyond the formal commitment two young although with plenty worth threatening to everything you undertake heart and intelligence, two good people, honorable and with a sense of responsibility that goes beyond the reasonable Fernando and Ricardo or what is the same Second Sport Studio have been architects and Amazigh adventure support for Morocco and Amazigh adventure and Travel, have them has been the support we needed.

I don't want to dismiss this first entry not to mention two courageous travellers who have already gone up Toubkal and now roam Imilchil, bike it tells me the bird spy who they are doing very well this couple of locals